Meaning Well Is Not Enough


My heart is broken.

A number of truly wonderful people, including my idols Sir Patrick Stewart and Betty White, are participating in a fundraiser for Autism Speaks, presumably because they are unaware that Autism Speaks is widely mistrusted and hated by the demographic it claims to be helping, for reasons ranging from financial mismanagement to an outlook about Autism Spectrum Disorders that verges on eugenicist.

I’m not up to explaining right now why these celebrities should NOT be helping Autism Speaks, of all organizations. A good list of such writings is available here:

Please help me boost the signal, spread the word, and get the message to the people involved that they made a poor choice of charities this time.

  1. December 7, 2012 at 11:12 am

    Read Leah Jane’s response here: – it’s phenomenal. So is Leah Jane. If you don’t already read her, you must!


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