Blogging while disabled: A quick cross-post from my social media

I woke up this morning. This may not, in fact, sound like much of a surprise. I am obviously not in a coma, so technically speaking I wake up every morning. However, to give you some idea of what I mean, let me detail how I woke up yesterday. Yesterday, after drifting in and out… Continue reading Blogging while disabled: A quick cross-post from my social media

Musings on Living with Mental Disability

[slightly expanded from my social media post] The light is fading... My brain isn't working well lately. As someone with life-long depression and decades of chronic pain and fatigue, I regularly go through ups and downs of mental functioning (separate from mood), as I have for many years. I know the cycle, but the downs… Continue reading Musings on Living with Mental Disability

I've decided that, since I'm probably going to embarrass somebody without meaning to eventually, I'm going to put myself through the same treatment. Part of my writing about disability is going to involve sharing my own worst cringe-worthy moments. It's not an easy thing to consider doing. But I feel like it's the right thing to do.


Welcome, new readers. Your support is greatly appreciated. Please be advised that, due to the way my brain functions, my typical pattern of online presence consists of 1-5 days of intense activity, followed by weeks or even months offline. I am trying to learn to engage on a more regular basis, but my disabilities don't… Continue reading Welcome!

Reblog: I identify as tired — Chavisory’s Notebook

This brilliant post describes my life almost perfectly. I started wondering something explicitly for the first time recently, and that is: How many autistic kids who fly under the radar for years, or forever, present primarily to non-autistic observers as exhausted?I wonder this as I continue recovering from a recent production, and my main… Continue reading Reblog: I identify as tired — Chavisory’s Notebook

Yet Another Essay About Chronic Fatigue

So, here’s the thing about living on the margins of disability with chronic fatigue and brain fog of uncertain etiology (i.e., unexplained symptoms). Have you ever had a bad cold or hay-fever and you had to take a big honkin’ dose of Benadryl or Nyquil one of those other medicines that makes you all spacey… Continue reading Yet Another Essay About Chronic Fatigue

Personal Interlude: Black Dog on a Leash (Living with Chronic Depression)

I am a disability-positive person. I see beauty in human diversity, and believe there is great value in the varieties of body and mind and the great wealth of experiences that ensue from those differences. That being said, I don't always see disability through rose-colored glasses.Depression, like chronic pain, like most chronic illness, is one… Continue reading Personal Interlude: Black Dog on a Leash (Living with Chronic Depression)

An Open Letter to Wendy Chung and Everyone Else Who Worries About Autism

(So, it would have been nice if I could have written this for the Autism Positivity flash blog, or Blogging Against Disablism Day. But life doesn't always work out that neatly, and I only saw the TED talk two days ago and the words to respond didn't come to me until now. I'm tagging it… Continue reading An Open Letter to Wendy Chung and Everyone Else Who Worries About Autism

Notes on my own experience of surviving depression

The reality of depression is that it is a state in which your brain regularly lies to you. OK, let me qualify that, because the healthy human brain also regularly lies to us; it is, in fact, designed to do so, and the fact that it does so with such skill and efficiency may be… Continue reading Notes on my own experience of surviving depression

“Brain Fog” Doesn’t Even Begin to Cover It.

[Here's a lightly edited post from my personal blog, about me. I didn't actually realize that I'd never managed to post it here before. Today is a "clear" day, the opposite of a day with brain fog, and my own record of my own experience seems foreign to me, but I know intellectually how often… Continue reading “Brain Fog” Doesn’t Even Begin to Cover It.