Behavior is Communication, but it’s not always easy to interpret

Recently, I went to a restaurant at a shopping mall with a mostly nonverbal, preteen client (let's call him Josh) and his mother. There was a cafeteria-style food counter, and next to that, a place to stack used dishes, a slot (like a mail slot) for used silverware, and bins for trash and recycling. Josh… Continue reading Behavior is Communication, but it’s not always easy to interpret

Autism and Mindfulness

Why do I keep feeling like we (or at least I) have to be DOING something? He doesn’t want to do, he wants to simply be, and he wants me to simply be there with him.

Engaging Autistic Attention

The boy is sprawled on the floor next to me, intently focused on his toys. At 5 years old, he is great at repeating words and can say a handful of things independently, but rarely does so without prompting. His mother is concerned that he doesn’t quite have a solid grasp of numbers yet. He… Continue reading Engaging Autistic Attention

Autism Appreciation

This is a post I started in April, but then stuff happened and I didn't finish it. So let's just pretend this is Autism Appreciation Month. Actually, all months should be a time for appreciating autism. *** Twice, recently, people have complimented me on how positive I am towards and about my profoundly autistic clients--… Continue reading Autism Appreciation

Steps Towards Communication

After the hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of times that he has tried and failed to get someone to understand something, he still cared enough, hoped enough, trusted enough to try to bridge that gap of understanding once more....

A “Dear Researchers,” post

I have an idea for you! ( And I hope this will be the first of many such posts.) In any social science, there are so many questions that go unasked, so many unnoticed assumptions, and so many ways that data can be interpreted. Sometimes, you need an outside perspective. Here's one for you to… Continue reading A “Dear Researchers,” post