Fever Dreams and Philosophical Musings

Last night, I fell asleep with a mild fever. My life chased me into my dreams. *** In my dream, my client breaks something while I struggle to help his mother in the kitchen. His ABA team makes him stay up all night cleaning, and in the morning a troop of therapists convenes to discuss… Continue reading Fever Dreams and Philosophical Musings

Managing Challenging Behaviors in Neurotypicals

[This is a long overdue repost from my old blog. It is both satire and very serious. It is satire in that it is very closely modeled on actual articles I see frequently online, and it borrows much of the tone and phrasing of those articles. It is serious in that I very much hope… Continue reading Managing Challenging Behaviors in Neurotypicals

The Words Said For Trayvon

This isn't what I usually talk about in this blog, but it needs to be said.   There's something wrong here. We've gotten away from the main point. This happens over and over again. A member of a minority/disenfranchised/marginalized group gets shot. Or arrested. Or harassed. Or refused medical treatment. Often, severe damage is done… Continue reading The Words Said For Trayvon