Behavior is Communication, but it’s not always easy to interpret

Recently, I went to a restaurant at a shopping mall with a mostly nonverbal, preteen client (let's call him Josh) and his mother. There was a cafeteria-style food counter, and next to that, a place to stack used dishes, a slot (like a mail slot) for used silverware, and bins for trash and recycling. Josh… Continue reading Behavior is Communication, but it’s not always easy to interpret

Reblog: I identify as tired β€” Chavisory’s Notebook

This brilliant post describes my life almost perfectly. I started wondering something explicitly for the first time recently, and that is: How many autistic kids who fly under the radar for years, or forever, present primarily to non-autistic observers as exhausted?I wonder this as I continue recovering from a recent production, and my main… Continue reading Reblog: I identify as tired β€” Chavisory’s Notebook

Steps Towards Communication

After the hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of times that he has tried and failed to get someone to understand something, he still cared enough, hoped enough, trusted enough to try to bridge that gap of understanding once more....

Thought-petals: What Autism Means To Me

Autism means... ...Running down the hill, full tilt, holding hands, feet flying, gasping for breath, laughing for the sheer joy of it. Autism means entire conversations held without words. Autism means... The constant and constantly changing puzzle-game of trying to understand one another, and the incredible moments of joy and excitement -- the Aha! --… Continue reading Thought-petals: What Autism Means To Me


He's one of those kids that people (myself included, I'm embarrassed to say) inevitably describe as being β€œin their own world.”* But that's not true at all. Better to say that he perceives and interacts with the same world we do... he just does so very differently than most of us. We don't "speak" the… Continue reading Bee-bee-beeeee