Welcome, new readers. Your support is greatly appreciated. Please be advised that, due to the way my brain functions, my typical pattern of online presence consists of 1-5 days of intense activity, followed by weeks or even months offline. I am trying to learn to engage on a more regular basis, but my disabilities don't… Continue reading Welcome!

Things that need saying

This blog is where I write primarily about disability rights, drawing both from my job as a caregiver and from my own experiences as a person with chronic illness. I  have a BS in psychology, with a concentration in cognitive and neuro psych. Since graduation, I have worked as a psychology research assistant, tutor, and as… Continue reading Things that need saying

Neurodiversity, Limitations of the Social Model, and Outliers, part 1

[Note: This started as a single post, but it's turning into something more like chapter, so I'm going to break it up into sections and publish them separately.] So, I recently got this thing published: Clearing Up Some Misconceptions About Neurodiversity And, overall, I've been hugely overwhelmed by the level of positive response. Thank you… Continue reading Neurodiversity, Limitations of the Social Model, and Outliers, part 1

Reblog: I identify as tired — Chavisory’s Notebook

This brilliant post describes my life almost perfectly. https://chavisory.wordpress.com/2019/05/27/i-identify-as-tired/ I started wondering something explicitly for the first time recently, and that is: How many autistic kids who fly under the radar for years, or forever, present primarily to non-autistic observers as exhausted?I wonder this as I continue recovering from a recent production, and my main… Continue reading Reblog: I identify as tired — Chavisory’s Notebook

Autism and Mindfulness

Why do I keep feeling like we (or at least I) have to be DOING something? He doesn’t want to do, he wants to simply be, and he wants me to simply be there with him.